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The 10,000 Buddha Temple

Perched up in the hills of Shatin in Hong Kong is the 10,000 Buddha Temple. This is one of Hong Kong's more traditional offerings. It's a nice hike up to the top, it is not too steep, but requires a bit of patience. I remembered visiting this temple many times in my childhood and it used to be clearly visible from Shatin train station. Over the years, it has seen neglect, land slides and rejuvenation. In its current form, followers have sponsored statues of Lohans, Bodhisattvas, Buddhas, Laozi and various Buddhist and Daoist deities.

The 10,000 Buddha Temple is still a working temple, but run by lay practitioners. It is a nice place to be and at one time, there were many such temples across China. There are a few in Hong Kong. Some are open to the public and visitors are warmly welcome. Real temples are supported by donations and it's a small fee for a great experience.

I've always wanted to make a video and finally, I was able to make one. I hope you enjoy the hike.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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