The new shirts are in. We have T-shirts, polo's & hoodie's.  The new ones have embroidery and are more comfortable than the previous batch. 

T-shirts (S, M, L) - £20.00 each

Polo's (S, M, L) - £25.00 each








Moving onwards, all garments will be from Fruit of the Loom, unless otherwise stated.  There'll be an increase in the price, but that is reflected on the quality of product.

Hoodie's (S, M, L) - £45.00 each

Beanies (Beechfield, one size fits all) - £15.00

There are two versions to choose from.  A discrete beanie in black or the full logo in black or red.  Please let me know which colour you prefer.

If you would like to purchase any items, please contact me.  If items aren't in stock, please allow time for these to be delivered.

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