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Code of Conduct

White Horse Tai Chi has adopted the Code of Conduct from our Grandmaster Cheng Tin-Hung.  This is the same Code of Conduct as followed by the Hong Kong Tai Chi Association.  The Code of Conduct forms part of our lineage and all members of our school shall honour and respect.


1.  Respect the founder of Tai Chi Ch'uan, Zhang San Feng.

2.  Respect your master and senior students of the school, as children respect their parents.

3.  Govern your behaviour and treat fellow students as siblings.

4.  Follow the teachings of your master and practice diligently.

5.  Govern your behaviour in public and do not perform the art in public for profit.

6.  Be mindful of not demonstrating your art to outsiders regardless of how accomplished you are.

7.  One must not criticise other schools of martial arts, for we don't understand their ways.

8.  Be mindful not to entertain the company of those of poor character.

9.  One has to hand the art to the next generation.  However, to do so, one must be both competent and experienced in the art.

10.  One must not teach those of poor character.

11.  One can only admit new students if they respect our founder.

12.  One may only teach new students if they understand and agree to all 12 points of our Code of Conduct.   Furthermore, to respect the founder.

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