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General Disclaimer


The entire contents of this website are based upon the work and opinions of White Horse Tai Chi, unless otherwise noted.  All information presented is for educational purposes only. Techniques and tips discussed or demonstrated on videos via social media (Facebook, Instagram and Youtube) do not guarantee particular results.  None of the information provided shall be construed to constitute medical, legal or professional advice.  Please consult an appropriate professional for advice. 


Medical Disclaimer


Whilst Tai Chi & Qigong can be beneficial to health, it does not mean practise will provide or guarantee results.  Tai Chi & Qigong might not be suitable for your needs. If in doubt please consult your GP. 


Health & Safety Disclaimer


It is recommended to take out martial arts insurance to protect yourself from costs associated with accidents or injuries.  Insurance can be obtained via your instructor or you may source your own.  Your instructor will ensure that you practise in a safe environment when in class, but you must be responsible for your own safety and welfare when practicing on your own or with others.  Videos via social media (Facebook, Instagram and Youtube) are for demonstration purposes only.  Unless you been taught to practise certain forms or exercises, please do not attempt.  White Horse Tai Chi cannot be held responsible for any injuries or loss caused.  Please use only wooden Tai Chi sports equipment in public spaces as White Horse Tai Chi cannot be held responsible for any legal issues that might arise.  Please ensure your safety of that of others by making sure that your wooden Tai Chi sports equipment are in good  condition. 


White Horse Tai Chi encourages you to make informed decisions regarding your practise and the study of Tai Chi & Qigong. 

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