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General safety, Wellbeing & Housekeeping

General safety
Both Tai Chi and Qigong are safe and suitable for all. However, like any physical exercise, accidents may happen. 
* Please wear sensible shoes, flat bottom canvas shoes are ideal.
* Wear loose comfortable clothes and layers in the colder seasons.
* Always bring a drink to keep yourself hydrated.
* If you're tired, take a seat.
* Be considerate and thoughtful towards others, so we can train in a safe manner.


After a few lessons and if you feel that Taiji and qigong are for you. I would encourage taking out martial arts insurance.  This is compulsory for intermediate and advanced students who practise applications, pushing hands and Taiji weapons.  Insurance cover all parties in the case of accidents and injuries. 

* Please take away any litter and use bins if provided. 
* Please return furniture to its original place.
* When arriving or departing, please be considerate to the local residents.

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