About me

I have been interested in Chinese martial arts for many years, but I never had the motivation to join a class.  However, on New Year Day in 2007, I contacted Katherine Allen, a local Tai Chi teacher regarding joining on of her classes.  I originally wanted to just do the Tai Chi hand form as a bit exercise, but stayed on to do everything else and more.   New Year resolutions do last, if it means something to you.  I found Tai Chi to addictive and I practice as often as I can.  Frequent practice meant I became fitter and stronger through time.  Over the years, I have progressed through the levels (grading) and have competed successfully at regional, national and European level.  However, the learning never stops and I am always looking at new ways to improve my practice.

Tai Chi is a very broad art and there is always something for everybody.  Tai Chi can improve your mind, body and soul.  One's health is very important, that why I say its always a good idea to invest in your health.

Apart from Tai Chi, I also enjoy travelling, hiking and photography.  I am by no means a professional photographer, but people have told me they like my pictures.  Some of my pictures can be found on my VSCO account.  I took most of the pictures on this website.

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