The long journey was my own, but along the way I have met good people who I consider friends and whose services I would recommend.

UK & Europe

Practical Tai Chi Chuan - Our Sifu, Dan Docherty's website

Wudang Birmingham - Charlie Cheung

Xing Yi Academy - Paul Andrews, Leeds

Tai Chi Union for Great Britain - For information about Tai Chi in the UK

The Taijiquan and Qigong Federation for Europe - For information regarding the Tai Chi and qigong in Europe

Wudangonline - Wudang, Sweden

Shi San Shi - Othmar Vigl, Wudang, Italia

Wudang Fu Style Assication - Severino Maistrello, Padova, Italia


Hong Kong Tai Chi Association - The association founder by Grandmaster Cheng Tin Hung (Chinese only)

Master Joe Lok - Qigong master and creator of the Phoenix qigong system

Spiritual resources

Fung Ying Seen Koon - Daoist temple in Fanling, Hong Kong (Chinese)

Daoist Encyclopedia  - Managed by Fung Ying Seen Koon (Chinese & English)

Taoist TV - Media channel that promotes Daoist culture (Chinese)

Amitabha Buddhist Society Eng/Chinese - Master Chin Kung, teacher of Pure Land Buddhism

Buddha Light International Eng/Chinese - Master Hsing Yun's Order for Humanistic Buddhism

Fo Guang Shan London - Buddha Light International's London branch

Wat Buddhapadipa - Buddhist temple in Wimbledon and a little bit of Thailand in London

BuddhaNet - A great place for studying Buddhism in English

Haemin Sunim - Buddhist teacher and author

Confucius Academy - Bin Song, a modern day scholar on Confucianism

Where to get good quality martial arts goods

Tigerden - Graham Cave makes the best wooden swords and sabres money can buy

Kafok - Mr Yau's store is well known to many.  The best place in Hong Kong for martial arts goods, clothes, weapons and accessories etc

Wushujia - Master Yim's store and school.  If you're on Hong Kong Island, visit Master Yim in North Point

Lee Kung Man - The company that makes the iconic T-shirts Bruce Lee used to wear.

Enso Martial Arts - The place to buy martial arts goods in Bristol.

Chinese Long Sword - An excellent place to buy Chinese martial arts manuals

Mandarin Mansion - The place to go to learn about antique weapons

Guanghwa Bookshop (Cypress Books) - The place to go for Chinese books and art equipment in Chinatown London and online.


Tadeevo - If you're into minimalist or barefoot shoes, then Tadeevo is for you.

Incognito - An ethical company that makes the best insect repellent money can buy.  I have been using them since 2013.  
Botanica Health - Alan Murray, sports therapist.

Ocha Green Tea - Good Japanese green tea isn't always easy to find.