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The long journey was my own, but along the way I have met good people who I consider friends and whose services I would recommend.

UK & Europe

Practical Tai Chi Chuan - Our Sifu, Dan Docherty's website

Wudang Birmingham - Charlie Cheung

Xing Yi Academy - Paul Andrews, Leeds

Internal Alchemy - Jan Simpson, West Sussex

Tai Chi for You - Emma Cooke, Ashford

Tai Chi Union for Great Britain - For information about Tai Chi in the UK

The Taijiquan and Qigong Federation for Europe - For information regarding the Tai Chi and qigong in Europe

Wudangonline - Wudang, Sweden

Shi San Shi - Othmar Vigl, Wudang, Italia

Wudang Fu Style Assication - Severino Maistrello, Padova, Italia


Hong Kong Tai Chi Association - The association founder by Grandmaster Cheng Tin Hung (Chinese only)

Master Joe Lok - Qigong master and creator of the Phoenix qigong system

Spiritual resources

Fung Ying Seen Koon - Daoist temple in Fanling, Hong Kong (Chinese)

Daoist Encyclopedia  - Managed by Fung Ying Seen Koon (Chinese & English)

Taoist TV - Media channel that promotes Daoist culture (Chinese)

Amitabha Buddhist Society Eng/Chinese - Master Chin Kung, teacher of Pure Land Buddhism

Buddha Light International Eng/Chinese - Master Hsing Yun's Order for Humanistic Buddhism

Fo Guang Shan London - Buddha Light International's London branch

Wat Buddhapadipa - Buddhist temple in Wimbledon and a little bit of Thailand in London

BuddhaNet - A great place for studying Buddhism in English

Haemin Sunim - Buddhist teacher and author

Confucius Academy - Bin Song, a modern day scholar on Confucianism

Where to get good quality martial arts goods

Tigerden - Graham Cave makes the best wooden swords and sabres money can buy

Kafok - Mr Yau's store is well known to many.  The best place in Hong Kong for martial arts goods, clothes, weapons and accessories etc

Wushujia - Master Yim's store and school.  If you're on Hong Kong Island, visit Master Yim in North Point

Lee Kung Man - The company that makes the iconic T-shirts Bruce Lee used to wear.

Enso Martial Arts - The place to buy martial arts goods in Bristol.

Chinese Long Sword - An excellent place to buy Chinese martial arts manuals

Mandarin Mansion - The place to go to learn about antique weapons

Guanghwa Bookshop (Cypress Books) - The place to go for Chinese books and art equipment in Chinatown London and online.


Alpkit - A British company that makes great outdoors clothing and supporting good causes.  B Corp certified.
Tadeevo - If you're into minimalist or barefoot shoes, then Tadeevo is for you.

Incognito - An ethical company that makes the best insect repellent money can buy.  I have been using them since 2013.  
Botanica Health - Alan Murray, sports therapist.

Ocha Green Tea - Good Japanese green tea isn't always easy to find.

This website and  associated Youtube account are updated regularly.  Content creation does take time and resources.  If you like what you see, please consider buying me a coffee.  It would be highly appreciated.

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