Our Origins

Whilst Zhang San Feng is considered the one who created Tai Chi.  Modern Tai Chi developed from family based styles which were originally taught family members only.  Most history books cite that Tai Chi as we know it originated from the Chen Village in Zhengzhou, Henan Province.  Chen Style Tai Chi was originally taught to only members of the Chen Clan.  Later Yang Luchan came and learned the art from the Chen Family and he went to Beijing and formed his own style.  From Yang Style came Wu (Hao), Sun & Wu styles.  There are also many other styles that are not well known and various Daoist temples have their own styles.

Cheng Tin Hung Lineage

The style of Tai Chi I practice derives from the Wu lineage and passed down to my Grandmaster Cheng Tin-Hung who taught a style based on the Wu Family’s own.  My Master Dan Docherty trained with his Master, Cheng Tin-Hung for many years and brought the style to the United Kingdom.  Lineage matters because one should consider the origins of the art they are learning and whether what they are doing is authentic.  I teach from the Practical Tai Chi Ch’uan syllabus (PTCCI, also known as Wudang).  The style I teach is a complete style that includes martial, health and therapeutic aspects.  There is no right age to start and there is always something that appeals to everyone.

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