What we will learn in class

Please read notes on general safety, wellbeing & housekeeping

The class structure will be be quite simple and I prefer a relaxed atmosphere.  If you have a question, always feel free to ask.

We will normally follow this order.

1.  Gentle stretching

2.  Qigong

3.  Partner work* - pushing hands & applications

4.  Hand forms

5.  Questions and discussions at the end

*  Partner work is very common in Tai Chi, its an important aspect on how we train.  If you find partner work uncomfortable, please let me know as there are always other options.

A summary of the syllabus

There is more than this, but they are taught at a later stage.



I teach a number of qigong exercises, including those from the our Immortal Family Eight Brocade set.  These are generally easy to learn and a lot of fun.

Pushing Hands

We have a number of pushing hands exercises.  These can help with coordination, balance, grounding and resistance.

The Tai Chi Forms

We have in our syllabus, as handed down via the Cheng Tin Hung lineage a set of form routines. *  The hand form - what is commonly recognised as Tai Chi

*  The weapon forms (sabre, spear & straight sword) - these are taught once you have completed the hand form