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That was rubbish!

I rarely watch old videos that I've made, but I was a bit curious. The reaction was one of shock, amusement and cringe. Who is this guy? That sword form was utter rubbish!

That guy was me and filmed some 5-6 years ago. Having taught Taiji for a few years, I have become quite used to spotting what's good and bad. Time has flown by and I've spent a lot of time ironing out all the things I wanted to improve on. That part hasn't stopped, but I've not really looked back. The experience was both humbling and sobering. Things happen for a reason and I suppose I should be thankful for the experience.

There is a Chinese saying "Hundred days of the sabre training, thousand days of the spear training, ten thousand days of the sword training" (百日刀, 千日槍, 萬日劍). It doesn't mean it literally takes that long to train with a particular weapon. It instead gives you an idea of the difficulty of each weapon. Sabre, spear and sword was the order I learnt them. I know some people dismiss the sabre and the spear. But swords are a very hard weapon to use. To go from handform to sword is like going from secondary school to Phd. If you are serious about doing things properly, you'd appreciate the experience gained in both sabre and spear forms.

Self-reflection is a good thing. You need to be honest to learn from your mistakes and you can only learn if you're willing to eat bitter*. At the end of the day, your training doesn't lie.

Thank you for ready my blog.

*To endure hardship

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