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My first blog entry

It has a been a long journey. I started Tai Chi 12 years ago. Back then, I wanted a bit of exercise and not really know what I want. I actually wanted to learn some 5 years before then, but personal issues came up. It wasn't a good time to start. But I believe that in life, when you're ready, the door will open. When you encounter a problem, a solution presents itself. I find it doesn't help by rushing or by forcing something to happen. A lot of things happen by trial and error. By keeping things into perspective and by asking not too much. One might find contentment.

I can't say that the last 12 years has been easy. Like most people, I have had to deal with personal matters, work and then find time to train. But, if something is important, you make time. I have been teaching for a few years, but the idea of having a website is not new. However, have I put this together a few years ago, it would be a bit of a mess. Friends have told me that the website looks good and I and happy to know I am on the right track. Pretty much all the pictures (for better or for worst) was taken by me. The logo and school identity was my idea and put in the time to make it right. I not a fan of cheesy clip art and only the best will do. I believe in finding your own way. The teacher shows you the door, but the journey is your own.

The purpose of my blog is to note my observations and opinions in all things Tai Chi or Asian culture. I would like to write about things that most might find unfashionable or hard to understand. If you have any ideas or questions. Please email me on

Thank you for reading and visiting...

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