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Winter is coming!

Winter is coming. Last year, we had a lot of snow and it caught us all off guard. I hope this year we're better prepared and life goes on. Britain doesn't seem to cope with snow and ice like our neighbours in Europe do. The first sign of ice and the transport system seems to stop working.

Winter should not a be a time to retreat indoors. As a somebody enjoys taking pictures, winter is a time of opportunity. And I am not one to let the weather stop me (unless it is dangerous). I once did water Tai Chi at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland and it was fun. If you've never been to the Blue Lagoon, I thoroughly recommend it. It was freezing cold in December, but you're in a pool of sterilised sea water, which was heated up by the geothermal power station.

If you are going to train, my advice is to wear sensible shoes and wrap up warm. Warm up before you do anything. I like to look at bitter cold as a way to extend my the spirit of the practice. Let winter be your friend and help you find solitude and the will to succeed. Work with nature and go with the flow. There is a beauty in how martial artists train in winter.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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