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Synchronised chaos

One of the things students learn about Taiji is the challenge of moving. On one hand, you're following the person who's leading, but find you can't keep up. Yet the rest of the group is moving slowly. Why is this? The problem here is that you as the student feel you must keep up. It is human nature to want to be competitive, that is to at least keep up and not fall behind.

Let's put things into perspective and make it easier. Our minds are trying to process a lot of things and we're juggling with a lot of information. With one foot there and an arm there, but we still don't look like what your classmates are doing. It can be rather frustrating and I know, because I was just like that when I started. I was back then the epitome of synchronised chaos.

Learning requires more than just watching somebody. By watching somebody, you only see the physical form. However, capturing the essence is another story. This is why it is worth studying the techniques and how they are done. It is a bit like when you first learn to drive and putting all of it into action. I always say to my student to work on the foundation skills first. Once you got the hang of it, then add everything else. My advice is to take your time, because you're taking up Taiji so you can learn to relax. By being impatient and rushing through, you're missing the reason why you're here in the first place. Keep it simple and avoid cluttering your mind. And remember, you training doesn't lie.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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