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Quick fix kung fu

In recent weeks, we have seen waves of violence that have affected Hong Kong. Hong Kong is well known as an open and modern city. However, the recent waves of violence have changed how we now view life in Hong Kong. I won't go into the politics, but I am concerned about the wellbeing of all who have been affected by these events. There are a number of innocent bystanders who ended up getting injured. I woke up to an article by the Guardian which talks about this matter.

The recent violence was largely concentrated in the financial and administrative center of Hong Kong. Namely from Wanchai to Sheung Wan. But the events became more acute when locals from the Yuen Long area of North West Hong Kong became involved. The locals have had enough of the violence that have affected the economy and took matters into their own hands. The target were the protestors, though sadly innocent people also got hurt. Now they want to learn martial arts to defend themselves. It is good that they are looking to martial arts for self defence.

However, it seems to be a knee jerk reaction to the situation. Taking up martial arts is a good thing, but learning and proficiency takes years. There are also a number of things to consider when training, such as fitness, the amount of training you do, but also the theory and putting it into practice. It is not going to be painless or uncomfortable I won't gloss over the facts, even Tai Chi if trained as a martial art is not what the new-age movement and health fads like you think it is. Getting a black belt in a martial art does not mean you're good at using it. So a short course is not going to get you anywhere far and after the troubles have calmed down, you might never use what you have learned. There is no quick fix or way to learn martial arts and be wary of classes that teach self defence. They can give people the wrong idea and give them a false sense security. It is perhaps better to look at mindfulness and be aware of the situation you're in. If you smell trouble, don't hesitate and leave the scene...

Thank you for reading my blog.

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