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What illness has taught me

Illness is something that we cannot escape from. Whilst it is true that the practice of Taiji can aid health by strengthening your immune system and improving circulation. There will times that you must submit to the forces that you cannot control. No matter how big or strong you are, nobody is truly free of illness or escape it.

There have been times when I was seriously ill and have hard to soldier on with life. For the times I cannot, I have had to rest. What motivates me is the need to practice and get better, so that I can do the thing I love. Illness isn't about going to bed and watch daytime television. Rather, it is the opportunity to reflect on the things you're good at and things that require improvement. It is also good to reflect on the times you're well and think positives, but not too much. Everything should be in moderation. Afterall, it might have been excessive indulgence or training (or lack of) that might have caused an illness.

Illness has taught me to appreciate the value of good health. Good health cannot be brought and no amount of superfood will complete you. In Chinese culture, to have good health is fortune in itself. This isn't old fashioned nonsense. Think about it, money buys man things, e.g. replacement organs etc, but you will never be as good as new and the same mindset will put you back to where you were. I for one cannot stay still for too long. There are always ways to train and Taiji is not something that you do for one hour a week. No, Taiji is a mindset and a way of life.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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