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Your teachings live on

My teacher, the late Katherine Allen sadly passed away in January 2020. It has been a challenging time for all who knew her. In Katherine we lost a good teacher, mentor and friend. Recently, it was brought to my attention that a magnolia tree was planted in her memory on the grounds of Dunorlan Park. A park she loved and taught there every summer. I used to see her walking her dog and she often stopped to correct what I was doing.

Was I sad? Yes, but Matt, one of my seniors advised that we're better off honouring Katherine by practising what she's taught us. And passing that knowledge on. That I certainly agree with and I have been doing so every day. Without Katherine's teachings, I wouldn't have achieved what I have. It has never been about the number of medals won, but how they're earned. The journey has not been easy and I'm still learning. Every correction and piece of advice mattered. A year later, I'm still training as enthusiastically as I always have. These 14 years have provided me with the foundations, from which I shall build on. Thank you Katherine, your teachings will live on.

Thank you for reading my blog.


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