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Celebrating the Birthday of Zhang San Feng, the legendary founder of Taijiquan

Today on April 9th we celebrate the Birthday of Zhang San Feng, the founder of Taijiquan. The exact year of his birth is unclear, but records state he was born in 1247. In is important to honour the founder of our art, just like we Chinese honour our parents and our elders. My late teacher Katherine Allen was very keen on having us honour Zhang San Feng in class. So I will continue this tradition, because without honouring those before us, we today would not inherit an art.

It is customary for a member of the lineage to have an altar with a portrait of our founder. We honour them with incense, fruit or flowers. Like many deities, Zhang San Feng's Birthday is celebrated by his followers and there is usually rites ceremonies, music and a feast. These can be quite spectacular events and may go on for days.

Thank you for reading my blog.


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