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Going outside the comfort zone

Starting something new is often seen as a fresh break and a new direction. Those of use with a sense of adventure will appreciate the challenge. However, not everybody will share this sense of optimism. Trying something new can some courage and it not unusual to find people dipping their toes on slowly.

Starting Tai Chi is not different in this respects. There is enough material to give most people an informed decision. Whether you think it is too exotic, new age, a fad or not believing in what Tai Chi has to offer. But try it and see if it meets or exceeds expectations. One lesson might not be enough. The style of Tai Chi I teach (Practical Tai Chi Ch'uan International, aka Wudang) has a broad and full curriculum that would cover everything from health, spiritual and the martial aspect of the art. Don't let the slow movements fool you. Don't believe what people tell you what to and what not to believe. As in the Daoist and Buddhist traditions, see for yourself and try and see if it is real. Wisdom and experience do not come from books. You have to live and learn to achieve it. In order to really learn something. You would need to go outside your comfort zone. Nobody can stop you and perhaps there are some things in life, you feel you have not achieved or gained. It has probably got something to do with how you approach the challenge. Never give up, but never forget your priorities.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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