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The secret of successful training 101

There is a lot written about how to train successfully in social media. Some of these are modern methods which can work for the right person, others are a repackaging of old ideas. And there’s not a lot of originality or substance in them. Furthermore, not all methods suit all people. The other day, I saw an article on short cuts. Where you train smart and you can achieve 100% with 20% work.

In reality, is this going to work? No, because this is not work training is about. Martial arts is gongfu, gongfu is about a learned skill which takes time to acquire. This means commitment and there is no such thing as a crash course in real martial arts. One has to suspect why somebody will write something like that? It’s probably by the kind of people who follow tick sheet syllabuses and McDojo’s*. These things distort what martial arts is about. Without a time and effort, techniques do not work and you receive little physical benefits. You might be able to perform a few cute tricks, but you won’t deceive those who know.

You have to be honest about your training. Why do you train? And what motivates you? I had a discussion about my progress and how my sword form looks good. But I did state that whilst it is better, it can be improved. I did film my demonstration and I did 2 things. I enjoyed how it went, but I also looked at what could be better. I do this with my own videos and see how I can improve. Constructive criticism and advice is as good as gold dust and I welcome this. As the saying goes, good medicine is rarely sweet. This is what I mean by honesty. If you’re not honest with yourself, how are you honest with your peers and students?

You may never develop if you don’t change. Keep, what is good and work on things that aren’t. Also test yourself with partners, different environments, different weapons and in bad weather. So the secret is that there is no secret. Just like in Kung Fu Panda. You spend time looking for that secret and it doesn’t exist. People who peddle secrets or special training methods are like people who sell lucky charms. If they work, they wouldn’t be selling lucky charms. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

*A dojo is a Japanese training hall, which many people now use as the name of where martial arts is taught. The Mc part is from McDonald’s, the fast food burger chain. Cheap, cheerful, but not good for you.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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