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Videos as a tool to gain feedback

As martial artist, we should also be true to ourselves and to others. After all, if you don't practice, your teacher will notice and so will everybody else. When you invest hard work and effort in your training, it shows. When I watch fellow competitors at competition, you can see how much effort they have put it.

One thing that you can't get when you have private classes is feedback from others. You can see how good other people are and vice versa. Some might give you too much feedback and others won't say much because they are diplomatic or that they don't know. Taking on this feedback is important, not everything works for you, but work on what you can.

A good many years ago, we filmed people doing demonstrations of various forms. This is a good thing as you get to see how you have done and learn the value of self criticism. Watching yourself on screen is as awkward as listening to your own voice. Appreciate the things that you have done well and learn from the things that are not good. It would better to watch it several times and get an understanding as how the audience sees you. Sometimes, you might not accept what people tell you. But watch carefully and see if they are right. If you can, film from different angles and repeat every couple of weeks. I have to admit, the videos I have of myself years ago are a bit cringey. However, the experience helped me develop. If you intend to share for feedback purposes, do chose people who are going to give you constructive feedback. Good medicine is rarely sweet.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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