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Whilst Thanksgiving isn't a Chinese festival. It is Chinese to remember and honour those who are or were there for you. There doesn't need to be a special day for remembering, appreciating and being thankful (just like with Valentine's Day regarding your significant other). It should be a sense that should be with you. This isn't the same attachment.

In Chinese culture, who you meet is a matter of fate. Whether these are your friends, family or your partner. You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family. Although you may choose to distance yourself from some. In life, you will have people you meet who have helped you out. It's important to value that relationship and remember what they have done for you. Hence gratitude.

A martial arts school is a family. When you join, you are trained by your seniors. And when you have reached proficiency and seniority, then it's your turn look out for and train junior members. There is a saying that you deserve the teacher you've got. Having thought about it over the years. I know this to be true. If it wasn't for fate, you wouldn't be here. If the school wasn't what you wanted, then you wouldn't have stayed. I think the student and teacher relationship is different from what it used to be be. To be a student of a school is a privilege and one shouldn't view it as a financial transaction. But why not?

Well do you treat your teacher like a plumber? Let's be honest, you couldn't have progressed without you teachers and your fellow students. Hence, gratitude.

For those who have left their teacher and joined other schools. Be aware that talking ill of previous teachers and schools is a unacceptable in Chinese society. People will view and judge on on your values. After all, if you move on to other schools, how will they see you? Loyalty and giving face is important, but so is gratitude. Showing respect goes a long way.

Thank you for reading my blog...

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