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A lot of people who visit Hong Kong don't see a lot of martial arts being done. This is true, because society has changed and a lot of people no long have the inclination or the time to train. Older people who have retired, have the time for Tai Chi. But is Hong Kong now just a place for Tai Chi? Where did all the kung fu masters go?

The answer is that these masters still exist. They are a rare species these days. It is sad, because the interest is still there. However, a lot of people in Hong Kong work long hours to make ends meet. Learning a martial art takes time and effort. The more unique and less known styles are represented in Hong Kong and masters are willing to pass on their art. If no suitable student comes to inherit, then the art dies.

If you are lucky, you may find people training in parks and you may watch or ask to training and learn. However, public demos are not all that common. They often feature in festivals and you generally only find one by chance. But if you're in Hong Kong on a Sunday, why not visit Kowloon Park. From 2pm there is a public demo where various styles of Chinese martial arts perform. The easiest way to get there are to follow the steps near the mosque.

The visit this year marks the second time that I have been there. Last year, it was Hakka Mantis, a Southern Style that was the main feature. There was also Fujian White Crane, which was another Southern Style, but originated in Fujian Province. I've seen these styles on television before, but seeing people perform them live and in this summer heat is another thing. This year, there was a variety from a number of different Tai Chi Styles to various Southern styles of martial arts. Again I was impressed by what I have seen. It really takes a lot to go out there and perform and it is always good to see children performing. It shows that the younger generation are still interested in martial arts.

I would encourage younger people to join martial arts clubs. It is not even about fighting (despite what people might thinks). It is about developing your character and there are many ways to achieve this. You can never too old to learn and there's always something for everybody.

I've shot a lot of videos that day and if you're interested, please follow this link.

Thank you again for reading my blog.

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