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Keeping things into perspective

Well the dreaded coronavirus is now firmly with us. For over the past few months, the focus has been in China. Now it has spread to other parts of the world. Italy has been hit hard, as has Spain and the UK is facing the biggest national threat since World War II. Like a lot of countries, the UK is enforcing a national lockdown.

So what do we do at the time like this? Well, there are a lot of things we can do. Rather that look at the whole situation as a disaster, try thinking positive. Yes, the coronavirus may take a lot of lives and yes, the threat is real. Staying in would save lives, because you're not exposing yourself to the deadly virus, which stays airborne for a period of time. At the moment you're probably working from home or unable to go to work. As stressful as it seems, take a few steps back to reflect. Appreciate the peace and do things you wouldn't normally do. The limits are down to the individual and why not speak to family, read books you've not read before or watch films you've never had the time to watch. The options are endless and there's no point getting frustrated.

If you are interested in martial arts (and if you're reading this blog article, then you probably are), why not take this opportunity to train on your own. You have plenty of time to do this and go through everything that you have learned. Do things you've not done for a while. I certainly will do things I've not yet been able to for a number of years and I think it's quite exciting. Already, I am practicing our short form 1 routine. I've not done that form since my first attempt at competition and I've not really touched it since. So why do it now? Because it's fun to re-do something you've not done in a long time. Who knows, how the lock down will last. I might even find time to brush up on square form.

As you have noticed, due to the Prime Minister's Statement and new emergency laws that are in place. The lock down is for real and it is for the benefit of us all. Gatherings are not permitted and hence martial arts classes are closed for the time being. My own is no different and plans I have for other projects have been put on hold.

Looking on social media, I can see that a lot of martial artists are still training on their own and a number of people I know have filmed themselves going Taiji and Qigong. Others have posted about their online classes. There is potential with online teaching, but it does not replace classes and I miss the social interaction. I too have plans regarding online teaching. Interest in Qigong seems to have been given a boost, as people are now interested in doing Qigong to boost their immune system against the coronavirus. The great thing about Qigong is that you don't need much room. As with a lot of thing, it's about the quality and not the quantity.

On a philosophical note, yes it's a real downer being at home seven days a week, but you're allowed to go out to exercise, so why not use that opportunity? No seeing family and friends, no shopping, fancy eating or going on holiday. But think of the bigger pictures. We need to work together to be safe and think of the greater good. We're all facing the same problems, not just in the UK, but across the world. Panic buying is selfish and a lot of good food is left uneaten and wasted. Was it worth it? One of the ways to beat the coronavirus is through hygiene. If other people can't have access to soap and antiseptic goods. We're denying others the chance to survive. As martial artists, we should hold a higher standard of behaviour.

Many years ago, I watched a documentary about how if human were not around, how nature will reclaim the land. This is Daoism at work, no man-made force can go against nature. Look at Chernobyl and how the abandoned city has in many ways been reclaimed by nature. Over the past week, have been reports where wild animals have poured onto the empty streets of some cities. With no commercial flights and no tourists, we're seeing less pollution and improved air quality. This obviously isn't good for business, but we should take this opportunity to let the planet heal. I don't think two, three or even six months will repair 60 years of rapid economic progress and the damage it has done to the planet. However, every bit helps and hopefully, we all become more thoughtful after all of this has gone. The concepts Chinese people adhere to in times of hardship is perseverance, endurance and to eat bitter . Because not everyday is a good day, but we have to appreciate the lessons learned from when things aren't so good. Doing so makes us stronger.

Thank you for reading my blog.


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