• Jason Tsang

What has 2019 taught me

It is that time again, we are approaching 2020. I can say that 2019 has been an interesting year. I have done many interesting things and grown in terms of Tai Chi and in my personal life. I am truly thankful for the friends that have supported me. There are many things I hoped to have done and those that I have.

In terms of Tai Chi, I felt I have grown a lot and the many hours practicing has paid off. Many questions have been answered and I am happy to do the things I want to do. progress takes time. This website has been live for nearly 3 years, but only this year, have i manage to make to to what I want it to be. I did quite well this year at the London Open and I am happy with that and I hope to build on that. I'm not obsessed with winning, but I feel you have to do your best. I have to try and try harder each time.

In my private time, I have done a bit of soul searching and Seoul searching. I feel motivated and I am ready for new adventures. To me, 2019 was also about coming to dead ends. I feel it is time to move on in many ways. Right now, I am looking at changes. The me of my early 20's is slowly coming back. As always, I am grateful to my family, friends and all who have helped me and have been there for me.

Thank you for ready my blog.

Originally published on 29th December 2019

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