• Jason Tsang

A higher standard of behaviour

We all don't like it when people publically put others down. So why do we do it? Social media has as many benefits as it has drawbacks. One of the things I have seen since my early days of Taiji is the amount of backbiting that goes on. It's not just in Taiji, but affects all Chinese martial arts. So what do I mean? Well, you see a video on Youtube (Instagram wasn't popular then) and you don't like what somebody is doing, so you write horrible comments to put them down, to make fun of them. We all practice different styles and have different ways to express our art. So why not let it be and respect the difference. If you like it, great, give them a thumbs up. If you don't move on. If you can give constructive feedback, do it directly into their inbox.

Some martial artists have trained for years and have been recognised for their abilities. It's not yours or my position to be negative. If you can do better, why not put up a video for us all to enjoy or critique?

Some of us share our videos, our thoughts and ideas with the wider community. It's a nice thing to do and that sharing is caring. We all benefit from this sort of positive action. If you don't know, why not ask? Always credit people, it shows respect to whom you gained from and that others can see that you care to credit. There are very few things in martial arts that are totally original, so you must have gained something from somewhere or someone. What isn't cool is to plagiarise somebody's work and use it as your own. Yes, it is easy to pick out your own work from another. With everybody doing the same thing, why not be original? And why not be one who gives?

Thank for for reading my blog.

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